With CoinPayments.net, our payment processor for cryptocurrency payments, the total is added up for you and as long as send the transaction fees in addition to the required amount, there won’t be any problems with confirming your order automatically. There are 2 reasons an order with Coinpayments might have issues:

  1. The amount sent was too little
    • If the payment was insufficient, perhaps as a result of not taking into consideration the transaction fees, simply send the remaining amount to the indicated wallet. It will keep the order open for you until the payment is received in full!
  2. The transaction timed out
    • There is a time limit of 6.5 hours on the transaction, giving you plenty of time to remember your password to your wallets. You can even pay small amounts from several wallets, if you prefer!

As you can see, there’s no need to panic, and the site works very smoothly.

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