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Yerba Maté


Yerba Maté



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Yerba Maté, or lex paraguariensis, is a leaf that originates in Brazil. It has been used as an agent of pleasure for millennia. Maté has been proclaimed the symbolic tree of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

The Guarani and Caingang believed maté allowed them to establish contact with the supernatural world. They believed that a spirit named Ka’a Yary lives in the maté tree and protects good, industrious workers and punished those who do not believe in plant souls.

Disclaimer: The product description above describes the historical and spiritual uses of this botanical product within its native origin.

Our products are not approved for human consumption or internal use. Ingestion or inhalation of this product can cause bodily harm and injury. Health Canada has not approved this product for human use. This product is sold for botanical and aromatic purposes only.

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