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Our Super Enhanced kratom is made from a combination of our finest hand picked white veins and pure concentrate kratom. This combination contains a 3X higher alkaloid count in comparison to our other premium kratoms which creates an unparalleled powerful and intense aroma. The concentrate used in this blend is unadulterated and produced from chemical free leaves.

Our products are not approved for human consumption or internal use. Ingestion or inhalation of this product can cause bodily harm and injury. Health Canada has not approved this product for human use. This product is sold for botanical and aromatic purposes only.

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2 reviews for Super Enhanced White Vein Kratom

  1. A.k.416 (verified owner)

    This stuff os amazing, the quality is top shelf no doubt. In comparison to kratomexpress Kratomsource takes the title with ease. The colour, smell & overall quality is so much mpre fresh then other competitors.

  2. A.k.416 (verified owner)

    This stuff is the bees knees! I’m guessing this is a combination of all white vein strains because I take a teaspoon with pomegranate juice & beast mode activates in the gym. I hate taking pre workouts because the caffeine makes me shaky, plus I don’t like Taking supplements with “proprietary blends. It’s good knowing what I’m putting in my body, this is the cleanest energy booster I’ve ever experienced, I wouldn’t even specify energy as it’s main benefit, overall when I take this stuff I feel nothing but positive vibes fueled with overwhelming confidence… That’s the mentality you need in the gym & life to achieve your goals.

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