Bacopa Monnieri



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Our bacopa powder is in extract form and contains 20% bacosides A & B and 20% saponin. Bacopa monnieri is a powerful herb that has been known for its positive benefits to overall brain health. Most notably known for improving memory, enhancing cognitive functions and fighting stress. It is native to India, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America and has been part of the Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Researchers explored the benefits of bacopa and found that it is one of the most formidable nootropics out there. Bacopa contains bacosides which is an active chemical compound that helps the ability of the brain’s neuron communication that directly improves the brains ability to retain and recall memories. However the studies show that the effect of bacopa don’t happen immediately and usually take about 8 weeks and longer.

Disclaimer: The product description above describes the historical and spiritual uses of this botanical product within its native origin.

Our products are not approved for human consumption or internal use. Ingestion or inhalation of this product can cause bodily harm and injury. Health Canada has not approved this product for human use. This product is sold for botanical and aromatic purposes only.

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