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About Kratomsource Canada

We are a Canadian supplier of high quality, authentic Kratom and other Ethnobotanical products.

We've been a part of the Kratom Community since 2016, and have been in operation in Canada since August, 2016.

We are based in Montreal, Quebec.

We work tirelessly to provide our customers:

  • The highest level of customer care and service
  • The highest quality Kratom and Ethnobotanicals available
  • The most competitive prices on Kratom and Ethnobotanicals in Canada
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Highest Quality Kratom & Ethnobotanicals

All of our Kratom is sourced directly from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Our source distributors are vetted both for their quality and purity standards, and they are specifically selected to line up with our objective:

To only supply the best quality kratom.